The Organization

About Ibom Kiet.

IBOM KIET is a socio/political movement whose objective is to foster love and unity amongst the good people of Akwa Ibom State (Akwa Ibomites). A society develops best when the component parts attain a level of consciousness of the beneficial impact of unity of purpose and respect for one another. Peaceful coexistence is vital for any society that seeks to provide the enabling environment for its people to enjoy the benefits of being citizens of that society. This condition does not occur naturally or indeed by religious or cultural fiat. It takes the concerted efforts of society’s ‘drivers’ to acculturate the people to a pervading attitude of oneness.

Akwa Ibom today is unfortunately a society divided on different levels. The lack of commensurate development under the different indices is traceable to inter alia the deep divisions in the society. Given our system of governance, a system of checks and balances is vital to ensure that those who acquire power to superintend our affairs only govern with our consent and for our collective benefit. The problem is that you need a united people to articulate and enforce the system of checks and balances. On the contrary, what we have at present is the clear promotion and exploitation of the divisions by those in charge of our affairs. What the present situation means is that our divided people deprive themselves of the power to hold to account, those running our affairs. The situation is more worrisome in that in our so-called democratic setting, our people are prevented from freely exercising their democratic mandate or are deceived to vote based on orchestrated divisive considerations.

Let us join hands together and seize the moment to create our movement – IBOM KIET for peace and prosperity for all!

For our beloved Akwa Ibom and her people to develop anywhere near it's full potential, we must revisit the basics and re-orientate our people’s consciousness to the realization that the power to develop our state and ourselves is in our hands provided we accept, celebrate our oneness and cooperate with one another. We were not born with formed prejudices but rather, we imbibe these prejudices. Similarly therefore we can learn to love and see all AkwaIbomites as one! IBOM KIET belongs to all of us and is the ‘classroom’ in which our togetherness will be learnt. Let the land of promise become the land of development and let the promise of development emancipate our people from unhelpful prejudices and division!

Aims & Objectives Of Ibom Kiet

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has” .... Margaret Mead.

  • Working together to effect change in unfavorable government policies and practices.
  • Providing an open forum for discussion and exchange of ideas for the betterment of Akwa Ibom state.
  • We have a particular interest in the contribution of Ibom Kiet movement to human development, poverty,social exclusion and community based approaches to issues of sustainability, marginalization and social justice.
  • To sensitize the people on Govt policies and implications
  • To promote the sustainability of our diverse cultural heritage